Does anyone want my cat?????

Hey everyone my dad just wanted to ask.. Is there anyone who can take care of my cat? Someone loving and very good with pets.

My cat is Selena but she’s used to being called “meenie meow.” She’s 7 years old, her birthday is on the 5th of September becaue I got her 10 days before my birthday. She’s also desexed ( that means she cant be pregnant.) her favourite brand of food is whiskas. She also likes being cuddled alot and sleeping next to someone. Well in my family she follows me all the time then she sits either on my lap or beside me then when it’s time to sleep she sleeps next to me.

She’s trained and got really good manners. She will love you aslong as you treat her like a real person!

Please Im desperate!!! I never wanted to leave her here but the owner of the house we rented at Melbourne wont allow cats! Please anyone.. who’s loving and sweet!

If anyone is interested tell Mae-n to phone me and give us information. This ends on the 14th of November it’s basically next Monday!!!

Please I’m begging otherwise I will be crying as if I was attending a funeral!!!! Anyone please help!!!! ;((

Leaving St Patricks….. ;((

I remember my 1st day here at St Patricks school. I was hoping to fit in, and I did. I was also hoping to make some friends and yes I did get along with people. There were times that I didn’t want to go to school but most of the times I wanted to.

And now Im leaving for sure… At first I thought I was going back to Auckland and now Im moving into a bigger place in Australia. I was soo surprised when I found out we were moving soo quickly. I’m leaving next week to go to Auckland until the 19th of November. And that’s when Im flying to Aussie with my mum and my brother. My dad is already there working at his new job.

Oh my dad was asking is there anyone who wants my cat??? She’s 7 years old and her name is Selena but we call her “meenie meow.” She’s desexed (that means she can’t be pregnant) her birthday is on the 5th of September because  I got her 10 days before my birthday. Her favourite brand of food is whiskas. She’s a Tabby cat. Please anyone I dont want to give her away but the owner of the house we rented in Melbourne wont allow cats. Please anyone.. Anyone who’s good with cats and take care of pets properly… Please!!! This is urgent!!! If anyone is interested tell Mae-n to call me and give us information…. Please I need someone!!!! Please give us info before next week on the 14th of November!!! Im desperate!!! :L

Anyway I’m going to miss this place and school. It was the very 1st time I actually was accepted for who I am. If anyone in room 3 is reading this….

I just want to say thankyou to everyone who has encouraged me all the time. I know I only had about 8 months and 2 weeks here at St Pats but I hoenstly made some life long friends. Thankyou Mrs Garton for helping me at my weaknesses at school especially at maths. ;)) I will miss everyone of you especially those who made me happy.. Thankyou for EVERYTHING… I will never forget the “Class of 2011”

P.S. I will always remember the times I was sad or mad, the times we cried and when I lied.. But most of all I will remember the very 1st time we all met and became good friends… I love you Beatrice, Aislynn and especially Mae-n. ;))

Take care God bless….

Love… Albizia

During School…

Earlier today at school the year 8’s had a math test they did on the computer and to be honest I had no idea what some of the questions meant. I was too tired to do anything especially a test but still I kept on going.   Before Lunch we got dressed for P.E then did an atheletics activity it was called ” HIGH JUMPS” It was cool bt it rememinded me of year 2009 XD

I’m really excited to do the speeches it’s what I’ve been looking forward to. Iam finished writing it and I’m really excited to say it to everyone else . It really means alot to me ..(my speech.)

I can’t wait to go home I am very sleepy. :O


My Favourite part of the Holidays…

My favourite part of the holidays was being able to go to Auckland during the long weekend!

We drove up to Auckland on Friday morning and arrived at 03:30 pm at the afternoon. We stayed at our friends house until Tuesday.

Anyways when we got there at Auckland we visited our house that we own and planted some plants because we are moving to Australia and we’re not allowed to take anything that has wood or seeds to Aussie so instead of giving it away or leaving it to die we took it back to our old house and re-planted it there so that we still have the chance of seeing it incase we come back. Visiting our house that we lived in for 2 years made me so emotional inside that I had to shed a tear. It looked soo lonely but atleast it has some people living in it to keep it happy… I was able to look inside and it looked very clean and still I remembered when it was me that took care of the house.

After that we made our way to our friends house and ate many times. My mum stayed with all of the other mum’s who we usually spent our weekend with when we still lived in Auckland. While I was downstairs in my sister Nica (we’re not biogically sisters.) At around 11pm we we’re told to sleep so we did (Not really) me and my sis stayed up until 4 am in the morning because it had been a long time since we have spent time with each other then we ended up sleeping in each other’s arms… xD

The next day we went to West Auckland Fanzone around 04:30pm to watch the All Blacks win against France at 09:00pm we just had to get there early because there would’nt be anymore good parking spaces for us. I was soo glad when the All Blacks had the Webb Eliss cup in their hands. I was soo very Happy to see them win before we left to Aussie. I screamed my loudest when I saw Daniel Carter achieve his medal but I was very upset because he could’nt play the world cup because of his injury!!!! ;(

The next day we left to drive back to Wellington and we were looking forward to watching the parade on Wednesday at Wellington… I had a great time in Auckland where I basically grew up I was very excited to the place where I used to stay!!!!




YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I am soo very glad to watch the All Blacks beat France.. Although France did very well at the game too! Congratz to our champions…The “ALL BLACKS” I knew we would win from the very start I just knew it. I had a strong feeling we would win… I am soo happy xD

I am soo hapy to be a New Zealander… Thankyou Lord 😀

School Break….

What’s up people?  How are you all doing? I am having a relaxing break to be honest.. Today I went to work with my mum and yeah we had lots of fun!!!!!!

On Saturday I am going to the movies with some friends. Also because It’s Ella’s birthday… Happy advanced birthday Ella of you’ re reading this…. LOL

After that weekend we are going to drive up to Auckland for the long weekend. I am just very excited… YAY!!!!!!

Anyway have a safe weekend everyone…..

Vertical Horizon Camp…. XD

I am looking forward for camp… I am soo excited, you have know idea how crazy I am getting just because of this coming camp at Vertical Horizons!!!

I think it’s because I have never gone camping before this will be my first time… I am soo very phsycd!!! o_O

It’s going to be great fun!!!!! I’m preparing all my things during this weekend and the next well maybe not next weekend… 😉

Arghh I can’t wait!!!!! 😀

17 September 2011

I am soooo SUPER MEGA EXCITED for tomorrow!!!!!!! My friends are going over to my place to celebrate my 13th birthday…. Mae-n, Beatrice, Mary E. Is hiding something from me… I wonder… Also these are the people comming tomorrow:

Mae-n, Beatrice, Aislynn, D.J, Amelia, Braidey, Paul & Josh M.

I am soo phsycd!!!! I am sooo excited…. I’m baking a cake it’s gonna be DELICIOUS!!!!!!! XD

Peace OUT!!!!! 😛

New Zealand Vs. Japan….

Aha. New Zealand is winning by big time!!!! Japan has no points at the momment… The All Blacks are wasting them… I knew it before it even started!!! *No offense to Japan* Something I need to find out is what’s the name of Japan’s Team? I don’t actually know…. ;(( I’m going to find out…. XD

GO ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!